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Championship in the 2023 Fujian Cycling League
Fujian on November 26
the Merida Challenger Team shined and won the MEN's mountain youth championship!


The 2nd Chongqing Peak Cycling Hill Climb Challenge
was held on November 19th.
The Merida Challenger Team won the championship in the MEN's mountain masters group!
Also the runner-up in the men's mountain youth group!

230823 (2).jpg

Championship in Bamianshan, Hunan
The 4th race started in August 19, and MTB men group finished 28.9 km.
The Merida Challenger team took the honor of both championship from: MTB elite team and public team!


2023/7/15 Number 8th Racing League of Weihe Fitness Corridor, held in Shaanxi•Chunhua
Merida challenger team got the championship again!
2023/7/16 Number 4th Racing League ofBeautiful village, held in Guizhou
MR. Chen - Merida challenger team got the second place of the Hill Climb Challenge!


2023/6/17 Racing League held in Qinghai Lake, Xi'an, Shaanxi 
With the complete range 11km, Merida challenger team successfully got the championship of men’s mountain bike group!

Mr. Pom-1.jpg

2023 Fanjing Mountain Cycling League, the Merida challenger team were in full swing, when in the MTB elite group, and sponsored by Evolo. 
Mr. Pom win the champions by bringing all the amazing performance and greatness to audience! 

Mr. Tsao.jpg

2023.May.14th Fujian Cycling League (Ninghua Station)
Sponsored by Evolo, Mr. Tsao from Merida challenger team amazed all and won the runner-up of MTB Youth group!


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